Changing the World Starts With You

FOAM Creators' Union

 The FOAM Creators' Union/FCU is a network of conscious and unified individuals collectively sharing their efforts and dreams with the world to live a life worth living in the pursuit of happiness.


Our action and inaction make the difference.

"We unknowingly are creating the problem, with a little more understanding and action we create solutions. "

The Union of the Future is the Union for Freedom

Our purpose is to provide the tools that will lead to the freedom of all bodies through the Freedom of all Minds.  ​

Our knowledge influences our decisions

Our decisions become habits

Our habits become behaviors 

Our behaviors become our lifestyle

Support businesses and retailers that are socially responsible.

Improve your health and wellness with education and access to healthier alternatives.

Workshops and Events
Join us to receive training, support, and business insight, with our FOAM Solutions and FOAM Evolve events and workshops

Get important member news, healthy recipes and alternative health information, inspiring interviews, and stay up to date with FOAM Creators' Union events savings on life products

Savings on Life Products
Get savings on everyday consumer products and services that are beneficial to you and less harmful to our environment with the FOAM Union Rewards Program

Connect with Creators
Meet other individuals that have a passion for using their uniqueness and creativity to make a positive impact in the world with FOAM Connect. 

Besides joining a group that supports eco-friendly decisions that are revolutionizing the world 

you can also get rewarded in other ways with the FOAM Union Rewards Program

Shop Responsibly

Revolutionaire Co’s mission is to revolutionize the clothing, textiles and accessories world by setting up a space for not only the conscious consumer but the conscious employer, artist, activist and professional. Revolutionaire Co sets out to educate and encourage ethical business, conscious art, innovative activism and self-empowering style within the fashion world. We partnered with Revolutionaire Co to assist entrepreneurs  focused on positive change with funding. 9% of all purchases dedicated to FIBO Program.

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Make U Matter

Get Rewarded with Freedom




creators that live their best life

 and use their passion to 

change the world

healthier alternatives for you

 and the environment

responsibly and save on

 products and services

We are more than a union, we are a diverse  and talented community of conscious creators.

FOAM is a Foundation for Freedom

“For to be free is not merely to cast off 

one's chains, but to live in a way that

 respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

-Nelson Mandela

The Truth Shall

Set You Free

We are taking a stand with individuals, families, businesses and other 

organizations that believe we ALL are entitled to a fair 

opportunity to live our best lives.

Hydrate U

Fun facts:

Our bodies consist of 55 – 75% water.

Depression and fatigue can often be symptoms of dehydration.

It is healthy to drink water with meals, as it aids the process of digestion.

Make U Matter

Save money  

Earn rewards

Support better business

Connect with creators worldwide

Get Involved!

Come to our events, festivals, and meet ups to learn, meet like-minded people, and create a sustainable lifestyle for you and your family.

Join our affiliate program and make extra earnings, on your time, while facilitating healthier alternatives to the people in your community.

Volunteer for our teams! We’ve got lot’s of activities going on like festivals, pop up events, and community clean ups. Lend a helping hand.

Partner with Us

Join our FOAM Union Rewards Program​​

Help people save on responsible products services while growing your business!


Get Paid for Doing What You Love

Solutions for the passionate professional


Being a space that promotes unity and expression we would love to here your feedback. Love the site? Have any suggestions for improvements? Let us know!


What  is  FOAM?

FOAM is about CHANGE creating FREEDOM.



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