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What is FOAM?
Our Agenda is Freedom
Our Method is Revolutionary
FOAM (Freedom of All Minds) is a platform with a mission to unite through organization; 
empower through education; and build through innovation.
What we do...
build a future worth living for. 
How we do it...
increase accessibility and connections 
to information services and products promoting healthier alternatives.  
Why we do it...
 to create more conscious creators, empowered consumers, and responsible businesses.
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We have plans for big issues
The future will be brighter when we empower a global community of individuals with the knowledge, resources, and support to encourage self improvement and positive contribution. 
organizing a network of thinkers and doers willing to BE the change they wish to see
educating to empower individuals with the necessary information to create healthy society

creating the spaces and opportunities for our developing leaders to build on the unlimited possibilities of tomorrow

YAYI-Your Art. Your Impact.

Using connections and community, we aim to stay focused on the building blocks needed to create the best version of ourselves and our communities

Responsible Fashion
Make a positive impact with your style
 Profits support art, community, and business ethics. 
"We unknowingly are creating the problem, with a little more understanding and action we create solutions. "
Freedom has it's Rewards 
Make U Matter
Our action and inaction make the difference.
Know BETTER.  do better.  live better.
creators that live their best life and use their passion to change the world
healthier alternatives for you and the environment 
responsibly and save on products and services
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Events, Updates, and Info...

Words can only describe us but so much. FOAM is a culture and an experience. Learn about our curriculum, community impact, and how we support our members. Join us in one of our upcoming events, activities and local projects

* we respect your privacy - will not be sold, rent, or leased *
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